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Housing Programs


The Problem

African American and other ethnic minorities, and the communities in which they live have borne a disproportionate share of the damage left in the wake of the country?s severe economic crisis. Unfortunately, however, these same individuals and communities have not received the attention required to restore their finances which might enable them to contribute to the economic recovery of their communities and to the overall economy. The impact of foreclosures and falling home prices in communities of color are staggering, making real the proposition that it may take generations to rebuild to a pre-economic meltdown asset base. Some estimate that the total loss of wealth for African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans combined could comfortably exceed $200 billion. Put another way, reports indicate that one out of every 20 African-American homeowners are likely to lose their home to foreclosure. It should be noted, that African Americans and Hispanics hold the majority of their assets in their home?s equity.

Public Policy  

The Considerations

What follows are key issues NAREB® believes, that if effectively addressed and incorporated into the development of public policy provide the foundation to assist, not only the nation?s minority groups, but also all Americans desperate for economic relief and renewed hope for a bright future.


Texas REALTISTS® recently welcomed the National Board of Directors of NAREB to the Solutions Conference, focusing on sharing "solutions" to SHIBA. Look for a summary of this informative weekend in the weeks ahead.

LANDMARK ENGAGEMENT BETWEEN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE BROKERS (NAREB) AND WALL STREET INVESTORS TO PROVIDE CAPITAL TO LAUNCH THE NATIONAL HOMEOWNER?S ASSURANCE. The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB) will launch an $800 Million Homeowner?s Assurance Program (HAP) to address the devastating effects of the mortgage crisis on minority families and their communities. For more information: http://www.nareb.com/

The REALTIST® NATPAC is the connected Political Action Committee, which will allow REALTIST?®s members to advance the issues of real estate at the federal level by helping to elect national candidates who are responsive to and supportive of fair housing issues. The REALTIST® NATPAC?s objective is to establish NAREB as the pre-eminent trade association voice of minority real estate professionals in congress and to advance real estate issues at the federal level by helping to elect national candidates who are responsive to and supportive of fair housing issues. The RPAC is a bipartisan entity; which seeks to support and elect national candidates who have shown a commitment to fair housing issues, regardless of party affiliation. The REALTIST® NATPAC membership allows minority real estate professionals, supporters and advocates, through relatively small contributions and organized election activities, to have a powerful voice nationally in the political process. The REALTIST® NATPAC makes campaign contributions and promotes candidates, thus making candidates accountable to minority real estate professionals and practitioners assuring that fair housing issues remain on record. Read the entire story at: http://www.nareb.com/

Find out more about our programs and initiatives, check our web site often, or please contact one of our state leaders. Details for national initiatives can be found at: http://www.nareb.com/

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